A couple of days after finally sharing the release date to his upcoming album, Schoolboy Q has shared the video to last month’s single, “THat Part,” featuring Kanye West. The track follows April’s “Groovy Tony” as the second single to appear on the forthcoming Oxymoron follow-up. The new video is directed by Collin Tilley and THe Little Homies, the team responsible for a few great videos off Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly.

The clip takes place in a delirious dystopian world, in which Q moves shakily alongside a disquieting group of masked men. An old ScHoolbus eventually takes Q to the doorstep of Kanye’s haunted mansion, where the party continues to get weirder. As the clip ends, a phone number appears: “1-800-351-1132.” Chances are there’s some revelatory information regarding Q’s album on the other line.