Why even worry over such a thing? Well, an unhealthy V@.g!n@ is a threat to you and her, too. It can mean she’s got an STD or some other problem. And it may indicate the woman is cheating on you!

 woman vagina safe

So, how can you know for sure that your lady’s V@.g!n@ is safe? Well, here is a list of signs that indicate the health of this important part of her body.

Nice smell

The bad fish smell may indicate that she’s got problems down there. When the V@.g!n@ is healthy, it should have a normal and not foul smell.

Pain free

If the woman complains of pains in the lower part of her abdomen, send her for a medical checkup. The same is true if she has pain during the intercourse. Those might be the signs of many things, from early pregnancy to some serious overall female health problems.

 woman vagina healthy

No burning

Watch your woman. If she regularly scratches this sensitive part, she may have problems, such as itching and burning. These are the sure indicators of an STD or some other problem. You do not want to “visit” the place before she fixes it or does a checkup!

No blotches

Red marks or spots are a bad sign! Take a little time and inspect that desirable part of her body. If she’s got redness there, stay your passion.

 healthy and safe


It should be normal, with no odd color or smell. Excessive discharge or a foul one is a bad sign, too.
Most men never pay attention to such things, but they should if they wish to stay healthy or make sure their women are not cheating on them!