The All Progress Congress (APC) in its new year message to Nigerians said that it would not hesitate to form a parallel government if the general elections holding in February 14th 2015 are rigged.

“As a party, we assure you that we will congratulate president Goodluck Jonathan and his party, PDP if our presidential candidate and party are defeated in free and fair elections, and we will not go to court. However, as a party, we wish to reiterate, that we will not hesitate forming a parallel government, if the 2015 election are rigged either by the use of security agencies (police or military) to harass, intimidate and cajole voters or through the use of a compromise Independent National Electoral Commission, (INEC).” The statement signed by it’s chairman, John Oyegun however that it would congratulate President Jonathan if the elections are free and fair.