It is one thing to deal with your spouse watching your intimate scenes with co-actors on set, it is another for her to be supportive, and encourage you to be the best in your field.

Nollywood actor, Yemi Blaq, recently revealed that his wife, Remi Ibinola Olatunji Blaq, who is also in the industry, encourages him to make his kissing scenes real.

The actor revealed this in a recent interview with Vanguard newspaper when asked about his relationship with Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim ;

She’s okay with it. My wife is a professional through and through. When we were shooting ‘The Distance Between’, my wife wrote the script. She wrote my character to have a romantic relationship with both Rita Dominic and Mercy Johnson.

She was on set while we were shooting and after doing a kissing scene with Mercy Johnson, my wife called me aside and said “That kiss is not real. You need to make it real”.

She knows that as long as I’m on set, it’s my job and I’m doing the kissing not because I’m enjoying a kiss from a woman, but because it’s the character doing the kissing, not me. If I kiss a girl outside the set, I’ll have a lot of questions to answer. She knows about me and Juliet.

Source : Vanguard